Every year we welcome thousands of students from around the country and globe to our campus! Freshers is our largest campaign of the year, spanning across an entire week with multiple events taking place every day and new students trying to find their bearing in their new city - it’s really the perfect time and place to advertise with us!

Freshers Fair Outdoor Spaces

  • 53 Degrees Car Park - Large Vehicle - £1,500
  • St Peters Square – Large Vehicle Exclusive Hire - £1,200
  • 53 Degrees Club Bar – Available for exclusive activities only - £1,000 (does not include bar being open)
Freshers Outdoor Space

Prime Location

  • GOLD - 4m x 1m Table with Power - £650
Indoor Spaces
Prime Location

Indoor Spaces

  • SILVER - 2m x 1m Table with Power - £400
  • Larger tables/spaces maybe be available.
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Freshers Bag

5000 SU branded Tote bags given away on entry to Freshers Fair. Add your leaflet or product sample for £500

Freshers Bag


During Freshers week, we hand out a “Freshers Pack” to new and returning students, which includes a(n) (wall planner dimension) fold out Wall Planner. We include information about the Students’ Union, a catalogue of upcoming events and have plenty of space for commercial partners. Typically, these wall planners are widely used and pinned up in student halls and bedrooms for everyone to see - it’s one of the best ways to reach a whole new demographic of students who will be looking for their new favourite shop, restaurant or service during their first week here.

Become featured on a wallplanner that is given away to 5000 students. - £250


Every year during Freshers, we hold over 15 events, for over 37,000 new and returning students, each being a perfect opportunity to promote and flyer for your business. Along with these, we have flyer stands located in prominent areas of our building, such as next to our Welcome Point and our social spaces, which hundreds of students utilise and pass through every day.We have three packages available, each to suit the needs and budget of your advertisements.

s. Depending of which package you choose, the prices of our Gold and Silver packages includes dedicated hours of our staff engaging with students, personally handing out your flyers and speaking to students about your business with any information you have provided to us. Including distribution on a personal level in your communications plan can boost your engagement significantly and ensure that your target demographic are seeing your advertisements.

Please note that if choosing our Bronze package, your flyers will be placed in a highly visible area of an event and our building, however our staff won’t be available to hand them out personally to students.

  • GOLD - 6 hours – 2 staff - £350
  • SILVER - 4 hours – 2 Staff - £250

    BRONZE – 4 hours – No Staff - £175

Flyering Image

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