With a digital reach of over 125k across on-site digital screens, our website, email campaigns and social media outlets, advertising through one of our digital packages can ensure that your business is being reached and engaged with across our vast student body.

Digital Media

  • Sub TV Advert – Week £25
  • Sub TV Advert – Month £75
  • Digital Screens – Week £35
  • Digital Screens – Month £105
  • Sub TV and Digital Screens – Week £50
  • Sub TV and Digital Screens – Month £150
Digital Signage


  • Banner – Week £150
  • Banner – Month £500
  • Pop-up Advert – Week £200
  • Pop-up Advert – Month £600
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Prices shown are for sharing pre-designed content on one specific social media channel. If you need help creating your content, then we may be able to create something on your behalf. Prices depend on the amount of work required. Please get in touch if this appeals to you.

  • Facebook Post - £250
  • Twitter Post - £100
  • Instagram (Grid or Story) - £150
  • Tik Tok - £150
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Every week we send out a Newsletter to over 18,000 opted in students with our latest updates, news and events with even a commercial space for your business! Whether you want a Click Through Banner Image, a preview of your poster or a space with text linking to your desired weblink, we can accommodate and deliver this for you!

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Digital Packages

We have 16 digital advertising screens spread through our Students’ Union building and across the academic schools on campus, along with a reach of over 31k across our social media outlets and over 115k site visitors - giving you the perfect opportunity to spread your advert as far and wide as possible! Advertising through one of our digital packages ensures that your business is being seen and engaged with through a variety of mediums.

  • GOLD – Digital Screens (2 weeks), Sub TV (2 weeks), Website Banner, 1 x Facebook post, 2 x Instagram Stories, 1 Tweet, 1 Tik Tok - £750
  • SILVER - Digital Screens (2 weeks), Sub TV (2 weeks), 1 x Facebook Post, 1 x Instagram Story - £500
  • BRONZE – Digital Screens (1 week), Sub TV (1 week), 1 Tweet, 1 x Instagram Story - £250
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