Livesey Award

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Welcome to the Livesey Award

The Livesey Award has been developed by UCLan Students’ Union to recognise the contributions of all our volunteers. It is a thank you for the work, time and effort you put into volunteering with us, and will help you understand the importance of the impact your efforts have on both the Students’ Union, the people and communities you work with, and most importantly, to help you to see how much you will have grown personally through doing the things you have done while volunteering.

The award is designed to be as simple as possible to fit around you. There are 3 levels of award reflecting the hours that you have contributed making life better for others.

You can download a short guide to completing the Livesey Award as well as a further guide to completing Gold.


How do I get started?

To get started you should register for the Livesey Award. From there you can then look for your volunteering role (or roles). You then click 'apply' on the relevant role and this will be reviewed by the Union to make sure a volunteer has applied for the right role.


How do I log hours?

You need to apply for an opportunity before you can log any volunteering hours. To do this - click here, and apply for the relevant role. Please allow up to 3 working days for this to be approved. Once approved by the manager, you can then start logging timesheets for your volunteering role here.


I have a question.

We have a handy Livesey Award FAQ's on the site but if this does not answer your question please contact