Covid-19 Updates & Information

Here we will provide you with the latest guidance, information and updates on how Covid-19 effects Students’ Union services and activities.

The Students' Union Building

Our building is now open! Visit our Welcome Point with any questions whilst you are on campus.

The Students’ Union shop and the Atrium remain closed for now.

Follow us on social media @uclansu to keep up to date with all the latest student news, and drop us a DM if you have a question or concern. We'll be in touch as soon as possible.

Advice Centre
Our Advice Centre service continues to run online only, however you can still access the service and speak with our advisors. Click on the button below to complete the online form with your advice query, following this an advisor will be in touch with you.

You can also find lots of helpful information in the Advice & Support section of our website.

Need advice? Contact an advisor!

Your Concerns
If you have any concerns about your University experience through Covid-19, the Elected Officer team and our other Elected Reps are listening to your feedback and championing your concerns directly to the University and the Vice Chancellor's Group. 

Steph, VP Education, recently announced that the University has reviewed and agreed to reinstate a No Detriment Policy. This was down to students sharing their worries and concerns with us and together, acting on this to secure the policy change to support your academic experience. You can read more about it here.

To raise your concerns, you can message us on social media @uclansu or email

Sports Clubs, Societies and Events!
Some of our Sports Clubs and Societies are now able to meet in-person, alongside many of our societies and other student-led groups running great online events and activities for you to get involved with.

What’s next?
We are continuing to plan in-person and online events over the summer! (We know less of you are currently on campus, but we still have plenty for you to enjoy between now and September.) Check out our Events page to keep up to date with everything you can get involved in!

We are also already planning for Welcome (and Freshers!) in September next year, and can’t wait to celebrate with you in person soon- all being well!