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Training Docs

How to log hours under training



Volunteering Handbook 2021


Volunteer Development Programme Sessions


Leading in Volunteering

Leading in Volunteering: Session B video


The Value Adding Mindset

The Value Adding Mindset: Session A video

The Value Adding Mindset Powerpoint


Personal Branding and Professionalism

Personal Branding and Professionalism: Session A video

Developing a professional personal brand Powerpoint

Process for personal branding Powerpoint

Social Media optimisation Powerpoint

The pillars of a strong personal brand Powerpoint


Motivating and Inspiring Others

Motivating and Inspiring Others: Session B video

Motivating and Inspiring Others Powerpoint


Conflict Management for Leaders

Conflict Management for Leaders: Session A video

Conflict Management for Leaders Powerpoint


Networking and LinkedIn

Networking and LinkedIn Powerpoint


Practical Problem-Solving

Practical Problem-Solving: Session B video

Practical Problem Solving Presentation


Activism 101

Activism 101 Powerpoint


Public Speaking: Cultivating Confidence

Public Speaking: Cultivating Confidence - session A video

Public Speaking: Cultivating Confidence Powerpoint

8 presentation openers that grab your audience from the get go handout

Power posing handout


Communication Skills for an ever-changing world

Communication skills for an ever-changing world: Session A video

Communication Skills for an ever-changing world Powerpoint


Mental Health Matters

Mental Health Matters: Session B video

Mental Health Matters Powerpoint


Teamwork makes the Dream Work – Escape to Victory

Teamwork makes the Dream Work: Session A video

Team Roles Handout


Setting Goals without Scoring

Setting Goals without scoring: Session B video

Setting Goals without scoring Powerpoint

Goal setting handout


Mindfulness over Matter

Mindfulness over Matter session A video

Mindfulness over Matter Powerpoint