ABCD Award

ABCD Award

Our ABCD Award is for students who have gone ‘Above and Beyond the Call of Duty’ whilst volunteering with the Students’ Union. The award is nominated and chosen monthly by volunteer managers to recognise the great work that our student volunteers do.

Read more about our ABCD Award winners below!

Photo of winners with certificate

Photo of Sulaymaan

This student has gone above and beyond in his role as a volunteer by being the founder of Medics FC. This team was created to give students a chance to get involved with recreation sports alongside their medical studies.

This has been described as a very cathartic outlet for students on a very hectic and stressful course. Sulaymann has also dedicated his spare time to his fellow students by being a school president and being involved with multiple societies.

Darcey has been a dedicated student who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that students at Burnley get the best experience as their time as a student and equal opportunities to students on the main Preston campus. She decided to campaign against the current opening hours of Burnley campus library as they did not reflect the needs of students who are working hard to get their degrees.

Darcy has worked with students and staff from both campuses to collect information for a well written “big idea”. This was then put to the students to vote for, and passed to go to student council for the policy for extended opening hours to get approval. There is still a long way to go for the Burnley library, but Darcy has really pushed for a better experience for students.

Photo of Adam

In terms of Sports Clubs, Adam has been the definition of going above and beyond the call of duty. He has taken on the responsibility of several people's roles so far this year, ensuring the club is able to function week-by-week. Though he is the Chair, it is evident he picks up a large chunk of the workload that should be taken up by other committee members such as arranging match officials and expense claims. He has had to deal with the addition of 3 extra teams, added at the request of the university, due to the largely unsuccessful merger with the Football Studies program and has ensured, where possible, the teams have fulfilled their fixtures.

Adam had stepped to assist with the recruitment coaches when promised support did not materialise, even taking on the coaching of one of the teams himself.

Photo of Alicha

Aicha has been an exceptional volunteer who has always put passion and drive into all that she does. During the Freshers Friday at the Burnley campus, Aicha made many students feel welcome and part of the UCLan community by chatting to the freshers about the Students’ Union and her role as School President and helping signpost them when needed.

During Student Council and School President training, she was always engaged and helped other council members and presidents. Despite only just starting the role, Aicha has been able to gather loads of feedback from students and fed this back to the Deputy Head of School and Dean for Burnley to help improve the student experience.



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