A virtual workshop led by Kicki Hansard; award-winning Doula, founder of 'BirthBliss Academy' and Author of 'Supporting Survivors of Sexual Abuse through Pregnancy and Childbirth'.

This workshop, facilitated by Kicki Hansard, author of the book “Supporting Survivors of Sexual Abuse Through Pregnancy and Childbirth: A Guide for Midwives, Doulas and Other Healthcare Professionals” will explore the many issues surrounding childhood sexual abuse and its impact on adult lives, childbearing women/people and those caring for them. Practical strategies for developing positive relationships, good communication skills and self-help techniques for pregnancy, labour, birth, and the postnatal period will be included.

Topics covered:

  • Defining “childhood sexual abuse (CSA).”
  • Possible effects of sexual abuse on a child’s brain development and how it may be manifested in adulthood, including pregnancy and childbearing.
  • Comparing pros and cons of ways to elicit a history of childhood sexual abuse.
  • Common challenges in the client-caregiver relationship that may have roots in CSA.
  • Specific ways maternity care providers may help survivors during labour.
  • Practical strategies to avoid, reduce, or manage anticipated triggers during labour and birth.
  • Useful self-help techniques to reduce symptoms for survivors.
  • Techniques for childbirth educators & caregivers to build confidence in abuse survivors.