Join us for some games of Jackbox over Discord!! (Discord access required.)

Society members are invited to join us for some games of Jackbox over Discord, no tickets needed!!
(Discord access required, please view our main page for details on how to join.)

All you need is the ability to watch a stream on discord and access to a web browser! (Like how you would play Kahoot over teams!)

Jackbox has loads of amazing games from quizzes, to drawing based ones, to rap battles and sounds, to ones that are similar to Cards Against Humanity! (There are so many games!!)

Coincidentally, the 8th Jackbox Party Pack releases on the same day, so we can even play some brand new games none of us will have seen!!

We will gather in the general voice chat, I will stream and host the game, and we will play! The games allow for audience participation, so everyone can join in!!

If you don't want to speak, you can use the #mute-chat, or you can speak with your mic!

Date: Thurs 14th Oct
Time: 6.30pm
Cost: Free
Location: Via Discord

*Please note that some of the humour that comes out of these games can be offensive to some (depending on the game and players).  Cards Against Humanity is a good metric for if it will be for you or not.*