LGBT! That's Laser tag, Golf, Bowling, then time at the tables for drinks, pool, and food!

Our LGBT event will consist of End of Days Laser Tag, Trailer Trash Jim's Crazy Gold, and Odin's Bowl Ten Pin Bowling! After that we can grab food, drinks, and play some pool, darts or shuffleboard!

Ticket cost £14.
(£12 goes to Level, £2 goes to the society).
The ticket covers a round of Laser tag, Golf and Bowling.
Drinks, food and pool/air hockey tables are extra.
(Please note that tickets are non-refundable!)

Where to Meet
We will have two meeting points.
Meeting point A - 6:30pm - University Square. We will walk to LeVel together.
Meeting point B - 6:50pm - Inside, down the stairs, outside the main enterance to Level. (Please do not block others from entering)

Food & Drink

Food and drinks are available for purchase at the venue.

Alcohol is served at this venue and can be responsibly consumed during this event.

Foods containing common allergens such as nuts should not be brought to this event.

It is common for attendees to visit other food/drink venues following this event. This is not part of the event or organised by us.



The main entrance to the venue is down a long set of stairs. There is an alternative entrance to the venue which is wheelchair accessible. Please feel free to ask a member of committee if you need any assistance finding or utilising this alternative entrance.
There is a long, somewhat steep ramp connecting the two floors this event will take place across.
Accessible bathrooms are available at this venue. 

This venue does have flashing lights that are likely to be hazardous to guests with photosentive epilepsy or other sensitivity to flashing lights.

The activities at this event were not particularly designed with accessibility in mind. 

  • Laser Tag takes place in a fairly restrictive and maze-like dark area with UV lighting, and is not suitable for most mobility aids. The activity requires participants to move around quite a lot.
  • Mini Golf takes place on elevated mini courses. It would be very difficult to take part in this activity without stepping up onto the mini courses.
  • Bowling is standard, with access to side rails and an assistive ramp. There is a wide selection of bowling balls of different sizes and weights. Game machines with flashing lights are located directly behind the bowling area.



This event will not have enforced social distancing.

As per current government guidelines, face coverings are not mandatory. Should you feel more comfortable wearing a face covering, you will be supported in your decision to do so at this event.

We ask that attendees continue to exercise caution and test as appropriate, and help us ensure the safety of our immunocompromised members. Please do not attend this event if you have tested positive and have not self isolated for an appropriate time period. If you test positive following this event, please contact a committee member immediately to let us know.

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