UCLan SU Elections

Led by you!

It is important to us that everything we do is decided by you. From the Board of Trustees setting the budget to the Sports Development Committee allocating the money, decisions are made by students elected by you.

Our main elections to elect the full time officers are held in March every year ready for them to take up their roles on July 1st. At this time we also elect our Students' Council members and School Presidents. NUS Conference delegates are elected in October/November every year.

Students' Council and School Presidents

We will be electing the School President of Health Sciences. For more information about the role click here.

Course Reps

This year we will be running Course Rep elections online for the 2017/18 academic year for new starting courses (foundation, year one and masters courses) as well as for returning year groups who did not elect a course rep last March. If you think you could be a great rep check out the role description and rules

If you are interested in becomign a course rep and would like to receive more information, click here and leave your details with us.

Clubs and Societies

Clubs and Societies will also be electing their committee roles for 2017/18. If you want to lead your group check out the role descriptions and rules.


How to stand

The election process at first may appear complicated, but it is really straightforward:

Step 1: Nomination

Step 2: Manifesto

Step 3: Campaigning

Step 4: Voting


Key dates

Nominations Open: Monday 25th September

Nominations Close: Friday 20th October

Voting: Tuesday 24th - 3pm on Friday 27th October

Results Announced: Friday 27th October at 5pm