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Wednesday 8th April


'No Detriment Policy'


We were made aware of a student-led petition asking for UCLan to adopt a ’No Detriment Policy’. We have heard your concerns and will continue to champion your feedback to the University with the Union's support of a ’No Detriment Policy’. Find out more here:  


Monday 30th March

UCLan Graduations


We have been working with the University on 2020 graduation arrangements. Whilst it is regrettable that the July Undergraduate graduations have been postponed until December 2020, it is necessary given the uncertainty following the COVID-19 nation wide measures. We will continue to work with the University to make this event just as special and memorable for students. 

Tuesday 24th March 2020


Union Shop

Following last night's Coronavirus (COVID-19) update from the Government, we have closed the Union Shop with immediate effect and will remain closed until guided otherwise. 

During this time, we would like to reiterate the Government's message on the importance of staying home for the health and safety of yourself and those around you.

  • Only go outside for food, health reasons or essential work
  • Stay 2 metres (6ft) away from other people
  • Wash your hands as soon as you get home

Anyone can spread the virus.

Full guidance on staying at home and away from others can be found on the Government website here.


Monday 23rd March 2020


Extenuating Circumstances

We’ve had many students contacting the Students’ Union and our Elected Officer team about your concerns regarding Extenuating Circumstances (ECs) for the impact Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having on your studies. Your Vice President Education, Steph, ensured this was brought to the University’s attention and the University are now operating within Extraordinary Circumstances. This means Extenuating Circumstances’ applications relating directly to COVID-19 will be automatically approved, as will applications relating to child and caring responsibilities resulting from schools’ closures, and the requirement for evidence will be waived.

Please note, for any other non COVID-19 circumstances, there is still a requirement to complete the online extenuating circumstances form, including the personal statement and relevant evidence in line with the policy.

If you need support on submitting Extenuating Circumstances, you can find further information on our website here. If you can’t find what you need, please contact the Students’ Union Advice Centre who will be able to talk you through the process. Email: suadvice@uclan.ac.uk


The University’s Academic Board has agreed to invoke Extraordinary Circumstances Regulations for Assessment in order to asses students’ progress by alternative means and not face-face like practical exams, practical assessments. Each course has a number of external examiners and processes to work with, so you should wait to hear directly from your course team about decisions made about your course. Once you have heard from your course team, should you have any major concerns please let the Students’ Union Representation Team know so we can support you in feeding this back to the University. Email: CourseReps@uclan.ac.uk

Online Learning

With online learning and assessment being introduced to your university life, these are big changes the entire University community has to work with in order to protect the health and wellbeing of students and staff. We know some students may struggle with access to the internet or hardware to enable you to engage with your studies online. We are continuing to be in conversation with the University about ensuring online teaching is accessible for all. Please let your course leader know in writing if you are unable to engage in your studies online so they can work with you to seek alternative arrangements.

Your Vice President Education, Steph, has also spoken to the University about the closing of C&T building out of opening hours access and provided an emphasis on ensuring that all of our students are provided with equal opportunities to thrive. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor confirmed that an alternative cloud platform was available across the University and can deliver highest level of technologies. We will continue to work with the university to ensure our students are supported.
Placement Students

Your Students, Union President, Suntosh, and Vice President Education, Steph, have received a number of queries from students on practical placements and brought this to the University’s attention. The University has had conversations with Nursing Students and those with family members with health conditions are being removed from the practice settings and stated that the Nursing School also have some FAQs for learners in practice settings and students should be directed to these. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor also stated that our 1800 Nursing Students were an integral part of the Health Services, however the University will ensure that those with health risks will be removed from placements and supported. We were also informed that our Associate & Educational Placement students were also following the same process and any concerned students should contact their course leaders.

On-Campus Students
At a recent meeting that your Students’ Union President, Suntosh, attended, discussions took place around supporting the students who are still living in Halls of Residence. The University’s Student Services team confirmed that all students who are isolated and living in Halls, are being contacted on a daily basis. The Estates team are also working out they can support students by removing waste items in a safe manner. 

For students still living on campus, the Union Shop is still open weekdays 8am – 3pm where you’ll be able to pick up the essentials.


Wednesday 18th March 2020

All Students' Union services and staff will be working remotely with the exception of the Union Shop which will remain open to support students still staying on campus as part of essential services. The Union Shop will be open weekdays 8am - 3pm and be accessed at the Fylde Road entrance to the Students' Union building.


Tuesday 17th March 2020


Things are moving very fast and over the next weeks we will make every effort to keep you informed and supported as the University reacts to the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID 19). Our priority during this time is the health and safety of our staff and students and we will do everything we can to work with the University to ensure this remains the case.


On Monday 16th March the University took the decision to move all teaching to online delivery from Thursday 19th March with the additional closure of many parts of campus (e.g. Library and main refectories). We are aware of the disruptions and worries that students will be facing in terms of changes to teaching and learning, having access to learning materials and ensuring they can participate in social and physical activities. It is a massive inconvenience and some of you will be under additional pressure as the virus impacts other parts of your lives, separate from your University studies.


Many students have part-time jobs, additional responsibilities or underlying mental health needs and our job is to work with the University to ensure that changes to your student experience are implemented properly and cause minimum anxiety. We have daily meetings with the University to update them on our concerns and to reflect issues we have heard from students. We have already sent a number of questions to the University following discussion with students. We will continue with these meetings as long as is needed and will update you on relevant outcomes.


Please email us (yourunion@uclan.ac.uk ) if you have any concerns, we want to share your experiences with the University Senior Management Team as often as we can.


In addition to this, students should also make the University aware of their own situation. We encourage you to message your course leaders if you have concerns about any assessments. Please email your lecturer if you don’t have access to a laptop to continue studies remotely. You can also contact student services (wellbeing@uclan.ac.uk) if you need additional support in dealing with the changes to your University experience.


We have been told that your lecturers will remain in contact with you about teaching and the University is providing regular updates on the Student Support website here: (https://www.uclan.ac.uk/students/news/coronavirus.php). There is also a list of FAQs available to students. https://www.uclan.ac.uk/students/assets/files/faqs-coronavirus.pdf.


Students’ Union services and events


Given Government advice, as of Tuesday 17th March we decided to close Source Bar. The Atrium Café will also close from Wednesday 18th March to reflect this guidance. The Union Shop will remain open to support students still staying on campus as part of essential services.


We have also been advised that BUCS sports fixtures have been cancelled until the beginning of April. As the University is closing Sir Tom Finny Sports Centre and the Sports Arena, we also need to cancel our SUL activities until further notice.


The impact of this guidance has required us, in partnership with other institutions, to cancel Varsity and Summer Survival for this year. For full details of the impact on our events and further information please click here.


We also advise that all sports clubs and societies activities, events and socials are cancelled, effective immediately. Although a lot of time and effort has been put into planning activities, in line with recent Government announcements, these should not go ahead. We all need to prioritise the health and welfare of society and club members, in addition to yourselves. If you require any assistance with cancelling your events, please email us at suteam@uclan.ac.uk



Advice Centre

One of the Students’ Union priorities throughout the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation is to ensure we are still able to provide advice and support to students.


The Advice Centre is a free, independent, friendly and confidential service which supports students on a range of issues including; academic issues, welfare benefits, housing, finance and hate crime reporting.


We are currently assessing the ways the Advice Centre’s services could be provided remotely (online, email and telephone) but this would only be if the campus were to close. Currently, the daily drop-in sessions are still running, and these will remain up to Thursday 19th March. All appointments from this point will be done remotely.



In the first instance, if you need to seek support from the Advice Centre, please email the service on suadvice@uclan.ac.uk and provide the details of what you need support with. From there, an advisor will contact you with the next steps for your case.


Please be mindful that during this time we may see an increase in students seeking support so there could be a delay in your response, but we aim to respond to people via email within 3 working days.


Information on a number of advice areas can be found on the Students’ Union website at www.uclansu.co.uk/advice.


Looking after each other


Please keep checking the Public Health England website for updates on the best way to protect yourself and understand what to do if you suspect you are displaying symptoms. UCLan is a fantastic community of students and staff and we encourage you to look out for each other, ensure you follow guidelines and take care during the weeks ahead.