Community Fridge

UCLan Students' Union Community Fridge

A Community Fridge is a social space that brings people together to eat, connect, learn new skills and reduce food waste.

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Unlike food banks, community fridges are available for anyone to use and provide access to healthy food, share recipes. Food waste has a huge carbon footprint, so giving or taking from a community fridge is helping the environment! Perishable food is donated by local businesses, or members of the public, collected by volunteers and then made available for all.

The fridge works on an honesty basis ensuring surplus food is freely available to all. We are looking for student volunteers to help us with the Community Fridge project, including to collect surplus food from local shops and businesses. If you can offer some time please sign up on the website. (You can log this time for the UCLan Volunteering award!)


The community Fridge is open Monday - Friday 9-5 and is located opposite the Welcome Point on the ground floor of the Students' Union

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If you are a local business and have surplus food that you would like to donate, get in touch with us on

click here to find a list of food we can accept.

click here to find a list of food we can't accept.



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