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Award Season is here! Every year, we celebrate our amazing Students’ Union volunteers and great University staff with dedicated, student-led awards.


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About Awards

Our Golden Roses awards are incredibly special. They are entirely student-led, and recognise both teaching and non-teaching staff for the amazing work they do every day.

This year there are 13 different categories to nominate staff for, including Lecturer of the Year, Outstanding Feedback, Equality and Diversity. We also have a new award for this year: Extraordinary Times Teaching- which recognises a staff member who has made the transition to online learning as easy as possible for students.

Nominating a member of staff for a Golden Roses award is a great way to say thank you to those who consistently go above and beyond in their role.


Partner Institutions

This page is for the Preston campus Golden Roses Awards.

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Key Dates

30th April

Nominations close at 12pm

20th May

Winners Announced


Read more about each awards category below:



This award is for a Lecturer that has made a significant contribution to the academic experience. Do they use innovative teaching methods? Do they adapt their teaching style to students’ needs? Is your lecturer passionate about their subject? Are they genuinely excited to teach and engage you? Do they enthuse you with their knowledge and readily acknowledge your input?


This award recognises the contribution to the student experience from those people who work behind the scenes. A positive learning experience relies on constant support provided to students on a day-to-day basis from a range of university staff. Whether this is a department administrator, a technician, a cleaner, a member of campus security or anyone who has had a significant impact on the student experience, but who would ordinarily go unnoticed.


This award recognises the UCLan Course Team that has made a significant positive contribution to the academic experience, by working together to provide a consistent experience throughout all levels of the course, as well as working with students as participants and active learners. Does your course operate excellent assessment and feedback practices? Is it well organised and managed? Do they utilise innovative and engaging teaching methods?


This award is for the University Service that has made a significant positive contribution to the student experience. Whether it was a visit to a Hub, having a bite to eat, studying in the library or seeking help from one of the numerous support services available. The winner of this award will have maintained service delivery by showing through continuous enhancement or new innovative activities that clearly have student needs in mind.


This award recognises the Academic Advisor that goes above and beyond to promote a fantastic student experience. They will support students with their personal and professional development, including skills in self-awareness, reflection and action planning. Are they approachable, accessible, and proactive in offering academic support to students by recognising them as individuals? Do they appropriately signpost students to the relevant services?


This award recognises a member of teaching staff that explores new methods of teaching and proactively engages students in different ways. They will have adapted to the new creative learning spaces, may use new forms of technology or refresh current teaching methods, undertake creative teaching styles that promote a positive student experience or encourage student to work or think in different ways.


This award recognises that feedback is essential in the learning process. Good feedback isn’t just a grade but it explains what you have done well and what you need to improve next time. Was your feedback personalised to you? Was it clear, consistent, timely and did it help you achieve a better grade in your next assignment?


This award is for any staff member (or student) that supervises, supports and/or teaches postgraduate students. The award will recognise a staff member (or student) that has made a significant contribution to either the academic or student experience of postgraduate students, whether through assessment and feedback practices, innovative teaching methods, or by responding to students’ experiences and needs through supportive supervision.


This award recognises a member of staff who takes a particular focus on using real life examples in their teaching, helping students develop as professionals and preparing them for their future careers. Has your lecturer provided opportunities for you to experience a professional environment and enhanced your employability? Have they made connections between their teaching and the real world in the type of assessments you completed?


This award recognises a member of staff that firmly considers students’ needs and takes the necessary steps to allow all students to maximise their experiences. Does this lecturer take a flexible approach to teaching that is inclusive and diverse? For example, do they promote authors and researchers from a diverse background? This staff member may have made alternative arrangements, understanding of your personal circumstances and gone the extra mile to present lectures in ways to meet the students’ different needs and learning styles.


The total nominations for each school are evaluated and interpreted in order to show which school has the best provision for its students.


This award recognises a staff member who has made an outstanding impact on the student experience and positively contributes to the experience of those around them.


This award recognises a staff member who has made the transition to online learning as easy as possible for students. Have they used teaching styles that have stood out from the rest? Did they keep motivation and engagement up during trying times? Have they made a significant impact to your studies this academic year?