The Students’ Union is led by students, for students.

This means that you vote to elect the people who will represent and campaign on issues that are affecting you. The Union is committed to making sure that students are at the heart of what we do; which is why we have hundreds of Reps to support you and ensure your views are heard.

Course Reps, School Presidents, Students’ Council, Liberation Officers and your Full Time Officers are just some of the people who help to create positive, meaningful change on campus.

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Your International Students' Rep

Name: Vineel Gutta

Course and Year: Master of Business Administration - 2nd year (Final Year)


Aims and Objectives as International Rep:

  • To represent and resolve all the issues faced by the international students at the University and giving them the best possible university experience.
  • To connect with the international students every week through social media and emails to get to know the issues faced by the students.
  • To address the issues in the student council meeting or the academic board meetings.
  • To work with students and representatives of clubs, course representatives and welfare volunteers to promote social issues.

Best piece of advice for international students:

There are a lot of opportunities to learn, involve and immerse, while you are here at the University. Please do constantly look out for the information posted on social media handles of the university and SU to make most of the events, services and facilities happening in and around the university. Join clubs, societies and also get yourself involved in the volunteering to gain experience and also to make some good connections.

Watch your International Rep's intro video here.


The Role
Your International Rep sits on Students’ Council to make sure that the voices and experiences of international students are heard. They voice any concerns or issues of students from the international students community at Students' Council meetings.

Our Elected Reps lead on Students’ Union Campaigns throughout the year, which can include on-campus events, online activities and promotional print.


Why We Represent Students
UCLan Students’ Union exists to make life better for students and we will always put students at the heart of the Union.

We aim to empower students to take the opportunities that The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) offers; be inspired, succeed and achieve their goals.