Elected Officers

From left to right: Laura (VP Media), Lily (VP Welfare), Caitlin (President), Ben (VP Activities) and Gemma (VP Education).


Here are your five full-time Elected Officers in the Students’ Union, united by one purpose:

To make life better for students

We each have individual officer portfolios and were elected to lead campaigns for change based on our own promises to you, and as a team, we make sure that student voices are listened to by the University. Within our own areas, we interact with key players in the institution to make sure that your rights, your welfare, and your experience, stay top on the agenda at all times.

As leaders of a Students’ Union in a rapidly changing sector, we are not only proactive, but reactive; we listen to your voice and make sure that we lead on changes relevant to you, and support you to inspire change yourself. 

As a team we have all taken very different routes in each of our own student journeys, and so can truly understand and legitimately represent students in a variety of matters important to you. We believe that our collective range of backgrounds and skills makes us a truly effective team as we constantly support and challenge each other in our roles as leaders in the Students’ Union.