What is Question of the Month?

University is so much more than a degree and here at the Union we love to hear about your experiences, academic and others. To make sure your UCLan experience is the best it can be, we created this project which collects monthly feedback about issues that might be affecting you as a student.

Question of the Month looks for student feedback on changes that the government, university or the union are proposing and also addresses issues that are already occurring. This helps us ensure all change is made in your best interest and that you can get involved in making these changes happen!

Every month, you will see our lovely Officers and Faculty Interns out and about campus asking you to complete a different question. In the past, we have looked at hidden degree costs, supporting the #FreezetheFees campaign, more recently we have looked into timetabling and are working with the university to improve it. With your feedback, we have even set aside money for clubs and societies so they can organise more events during the day for commuting students!

We could go on and on about how much this project helps students, but why don’t you see it for yourself? Watch our monthly reports now here.

Reports will be done through Facebook Live videos where the Full Time Officers will talk you through the feedback we’ve gathered and what they will do to address those issues (captions will be added to the videos afterwards as they can’t be applied when live).


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