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UCLan SU Living History is a medieval reenactment that aims to bring the history of 1066 to 1215 (that's the battle of Hastings to the signing of  Magna Carta by the way) to life. 

We run combat training sessions on most weekends teaching you to fight in a competitive, dynamic and safe way with a variety of weapons, swords, axes, spears, clubs and yes; we also do archery. In addition to that, we organise craft sessions that allow our members to gain the necessary skills, such as making clothes (or "drapery"), acting (or "mummery") woodworking, leatherworking and a host of others. These craft sessions help you make the clothing, weapons and other bits and bobs you need to reenact life in the 12th century in a dynamic, energetic and accurate way at castles, parks and historical sites all across the country during the summer period alongside other branches of Historia Normannis re-enacting sieges, skirmishes and the life of a medieval army on campaign. 

Sound like your thing? Come on down to a training session or find us on Facebook at Historia Normannis Preston 

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