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(Barcelona: Parc Guell, 2017)


Comittee 2018/19
Outreach: Rimsha
Chair: Ryan
Deputy: Dan
Treasurer: Robert
Social Secretary: Jack


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What is the best thing about being part of the Society?
This society is a great way to interact with brilliant people from various backgrounds, and take part in exciting activities. We have really enjoyed the past 2 years of this new society, as we have tried new things and challenged ourselves. Our members have enjoyed it so much that we were shortlisted for ‘Society of the Year’ and ‘Academic Society of the Year’ at the Students Union and Societies Awards 2017.


(Union Awards: Society of the Year, 2017)



Does the Mathematics Society actually have members?
Yes, most members are studying non-mathematical related subjects, making us the 4th largest society at UCLan last year; everyone is welcome.



(Guest Speaker: Dr. Ann Copestake, Cambridge University, 2016)



How often do you meet?
The society has been extremely active this year, with weekly events to suit everyone; including games or quiz nights as well as trips. Our target is to do something each week.


(Games Evening: Welcome to the Society Event, 2016)


(Maths Challenge: Group Competition, 2016)


What type of activities does the Society participate in?
We arranged a trip to Milton Keynes and London to visit Bletchley Park, which tells the story of World War 2 and how the Enigma works. We then visited the National Science Museum and Natural History Museum and also enjoyed the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. More recently, we planned a trip to Barcelona, in which we also invited the Physics Society.
Over the year we also welcomed 2 visiting lecturers, who gave seminars on their field of study. These seemed to engage a lot of our members and non-members, with over 120 people attending both events. We plan to host more events like these in the future.



(Milton Keynes: Bletchley Park, 2016)



Does the Society run social events?
Yes! In the last week of each month, we participate in 2 pub quizzes, where members turn up to play and socialise with each other. Throughout the year we also have a number of events such as the Halloween movie marathon, Christmas meal, and bowling. Our favourite to organise was the annual games night, which involved teams competing in a range of games and puzzles to win prizes, not to mention the free pizza!



(Barcelona: Barceloneta Beach, 2017)



Do you fundraise?
Last year we held four fundraisers for charities and the society. Each year, in collaboration with the Physics Society, we hold a charity quiz and raffle to which everyone is welcome. We also held two successful bake sales, and also collected food and other donations such as gloves, hats and toys to donate to the local food bank and homeless shelter. Over that year we raised over £500 for charity.


(Acts of Kindness Day: Society Chair Gives Free Hugs & Goodies To Students, 2017)


Are there opportunities to gain skills for the future?
The society started an Outreach scheme, allowing members to deliver activities in schools to get young students excited about STEM subjects. These include a mini-course in cryptology for Year 9 students, as well as ‘Little Z’, which involves splitting students into teams for a few hours and allowing them to solve physical and mental puzzles using maths. We are currently working on creating International links to promote Maths to students across the globe.



(Guest Speaker: Dr. Jessica Banks, Bristol University, 2017)


What are the academic benefits of joining the Society?
We encourage all members to bring any maths related problems they have on their course to any event. We have members in all three-year groups who are willing provide help and advice, which will benefit their academic studies as well as yours. Many courses at the university also have statistics modules, so we are on hand to help anyone with queries relating to this!  These problems form the basis of discussion in our meetings and give all members an open opportunity to develop their maths skills.



(Barcelona: CosmoCaixa, 2017)

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