LGBT+ History Month Events!

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WEBINARA suitable case for treatment? Lesbians and the mental health system’
Prof Helen Spandler, Tuesday 2nd February-12-1pm

Many people know that homosexuality used to be classified as a ‘mental illness’. Have you ever wondered what happened to lesbians and bisexual women who encountered the mental health system? Did mental health professionals try to ‘treat’ their sexuality?What did lesbian activists do to resist the pathologisation of homosexuality?

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WEBINAR ‘The Struggle for Equality: LGBT Rights Activism in Sub-Saharan Africa’
Dr Zanele Nyoni, Thursday 11 February–1pm-2pm

The culture in sub-Saharan countries is conservative in nature and communities uphold traditional values where a union between a man and woman is emphasised as the only acceptable relationship status, any deviation from this norm is not often tolerated. The unwillingness to accept same-sex conduct or homosexuality stems from profound prejudice: it is considered to be un-African. The advance of conservatism entrenched in the region can be attributed to British colonial laws introduced by colonial legislatorsand jurists who believed that native cultures did not adequately punish perverse sexual behaviour and that the indigenous people needed re-education in sexual morality. More than 50 per cent of countries in Africa still criminalise same-sex acts between consenting adults. The existence of laws that proscribe same-sex relationships and homosexuality, contribute to persecutory environments and, in effect, they provide society with justification for the proliferation of prejudice, hatred and violence against sexual minorities.

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SCREENING ‘Invisible Women:The story of two forgotten LGBTQ revolutionaries’ Official Trailer
Thursday 11 February–5pm-6.15 pm (followed by Q&A w/ Luchia Cooper and Angela Fitzgerald)

INVISIBLE WOMENis a short documentary that tellsthe untold story of the North West’s LGBTQ past over the last 50 years through the lens of two women’s incredible journey of activism and rebellion.Angela and Luchia have spent the last half a century fighting for their rights as women and as lesbians. Their work has revolutionised Manchester whilst transforming the lives of thousands of women and yet no record of them exists in the city’s archives; theirs is a story that risks disappearing from history.We want to change that with the film:INVISIBLE WOMEN.

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SCREENING ‘My God,I’m Queer’ Official Trailer
Monday 15 Feb–4pm (followed by Q&A w/ Matt (Naz and Matt Foundation) and UCLan academics

Can you be Muslim and gay? MattMahmood-Ogston, abereaved fiancé,goes on a deeply personal journey to try and prevent a future tragedyin this powerful and inspiring short documentary.The film has screened in UK (England and Wales), Canada and India in 2020 and shortlisted for two awards.

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TRAINING ‘Trans Awareness’ for Staff and Students
Tuesday 16 February–1pm-2.15 pm

In this session Dr Lewis Turner explores what it means to be trans and how trans people can be made to feel welcome, supported and included. We look at trans friendly workplace practices,general information and terminology, pronouns, common experiences for trans and non-binary people, supporting trans and non-binary people, the Equality Act and Gender Recognition Act and how they are relevant. See UCLan’s Trans Guidance.

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TRAINING ‘Hate Crime Awareness–LGBT+ Context’
Wednesday 24 February–1pm-2.30pm

This session will provide information to enable individuals recognise hate incidents and crimes and understand the impact such incidents can have on people, their families and communities in which they study, live or work.The session will outline high profile cases,particularly within the LGBT+ community andprovide information on current legislation,data reports, existing reporting systems, how to report and support for students, staff and visitors from the community who might have witnessed or experiencedahate crime or incident. It will also inform about hate crime during the Covid-19 pandemicand look at wayswe can work together to deliver effective outcomes for those peoplesubjected to hostilitybecause of their personal identities and characteristicsand how we could be effective bystandersand exercise our civic role in this scenario.

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WEBINAR ‘In and out, on and off:LGBT+ online experiences’
Dr Megan Todd, Wednesday 24 February–4pm-5pm

The Internet impacts almost all aspects of our livesbut is particularly entrenched in the lives of today’s youth who, arguably, are the most connected people online in our society. Much has rightly been made of the potential vulnerability of children and young adults online. LGBT+ youth in particular continue to face extraordinary obstacles in their day-to-day lives whether at school or online; LGBT+ young people are almost three times more likely than non-LGBT+ youth to be bullied or harassed online (GLSEN 2013). For young LGBT+ users of the internet,however, this awareness of risk is tempered by the valuable cloak of anonymity afforded by online communications. The internet can also be a valuable source of information and support when they have no one, or nowhere, else left to turn to (Drushel 2010).Online spaces can be places where sexuality can be explored without the risk of outing oneself in local communities (Green et al2015). Thisplaces young, and indeed older, LGBT+ internet users at particular risk of exploitation, the implications of whichwill be explored in this talk.Dr Toddwill also spend a few minutes talking about a related project ‘Sexualised Marginalised Bodies Online’ (in collaboration with University of Lincoln) and the LGBT+ Heritage project.

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