Love Hate Rate Awards

Love Hate Rate Awards Shortlist

The Love Hate Rate Awards recognise both providers and tenants for their contributions to the student experience. They allow students to be truthful and passionate about their experiences of living in student accommodation while rewarding best practice.

Congratulations to all those who were nominated and shortlisted for this years' awards and a massive thank you to all students who nominated. 

The shortlisted nominees and winners for this years’ awards are as follows;


Contribution to the Student Experience Award

The Nominees were…

  • Kexgill - For supporting tenants to celebrate holidays and celebrations, whether it be giving away pancake mix, advent calendar or organising other special treats.
  • Liberty Court (Liberty Living) (Winner) - For opening up their office phones to allow students to contact student finance, consulting students on improving facilities and decorating the residence as well as organising activities and events to celebrate global holidays.


Value Deal of the Year

The Nominees were…

  • Sanctuary Students (Winner) - For the variety of accommodation packages available to tenants, in particular those in which all bills are included. Tenants also highlighted the value of having a free on-site gym within their accommodation.
  • North West Homes - For supporting students during the summer months and arranging payments to coincide with student finance instalments.
  • Cedar Tree Houses - For their affordable and flexible approach to renting, they were described as having a transparent approach with clear explanation of the contact and payment schedule of the tenancy.


Responsive Provider of the Year

The Nominees were…

  • IQ Preston - For their prompt and efficient response time when it comes to sorting out maintenance issues but also the friendly and charismatic personality of their on-site maintenance worker.
  • Cedar Tree Houses (Winner) - For working tirelessly to ensure that their properties are in good condition and problems do crop up always being quick to respond to initial queries and fix or resolve the issue at hand.
  • Brimar - For the speed in which the provider responded when a tenant’s major kitchen appliances broke with replacements both delivered, fitted and old ones removed in record time.
  • Kexgill - For the speed at responding and rectifying maintenance issues and their availability to be on hand to deal with any issues makes it easy to raise concerns, knowing that they will be dealt with quickly and efficiently.


Hall of Residence of the Year

The Nominees were…

  • Warehouse Apartments (Winner) - For their welcoming and caring staff, efficient maintenance team who regularly keep students updated on progress and the non-pressurising approach to contract signing.
  • Leighton Halls (CRM) - For the safe and welcoming atmosphere created by staff, in particular students valued the onsite team responsible for cleaning communal area.
  • Ladywell Halls (Kexgill) - For their effective communication via social media, and the personal approach to valuing tenants such as sending a card or present on their birthday. 
  • Liberty Court (Liberty Living) - For their timely and supportive approach to supporting tenants whether it is maintenance issues, trouble with paying rent, or problems with flatmates they are always approachable and quick to help.


Student Home of the Year

The Nominees were…

  • Steph Woodacre, Jaye Mooney and Alice Cruse - For being a group of fun and vibrant tenants supportive of any events or activities put on by the landlords and will always finding the time to pop into the office for a chat.
  • Jess Moore and Chris McLaughlin - For going out of their way to support their landlord in helping them to prepare for Septembers intake of tenants by doing small maintenance jobs and being an extra pair of hands to decorate properties.
  • Hannah Hewitt, Jade Duncan, Thomas Hampson, Callum Earnshaw, Ryan Evans and Alexander Bartlett (Winner) - For a compatible friendship dynamic that looks out for one another, creates a positive atmosphere and proactively reports maintenance issues.
  • Kate Timmins and Eleanor Sutcliffe - For creating a warm, welcoming and happy home whether it be ensuring the bins and recycling are put out, cooking family meals for the other housemates or greeting new housemates.


Landlord of the Year

This award will recognise a Landlord or Managing Agent who have been exceptional in their service to tenants and therefore created a great experience.

The Nominees are…

  • LetPads (Dal Singh) - For a very personal nomination that recognised both their understanding and effective response to the inconvenient impact of building and maintenance work can have on living arrangements.
  • Ribble Brook House (Winner) - For the development of a communal area for students as well as supporting a student society to host activities, events and excursions, which they have provided funding for.
  • Kexgill - For the welcoming and caring nature of staff, effective communication using a variety of methods and thoughtful touches including rentable DVD’s, free sweets and doughnuts.


Student Tenant of the Year

The Nominees were…

  • Suruchi Pradhan - For their passion and drive to get students in her halls to act in a more environmentally friendly manner whether supporting a food drive, or asking residents to donate drink bottles as part of an activity she is doing for the SU’s Green Ladder Project.
  • Amy Pemberton (Winner) - For instigating a number of social events, gathering feedback from tenants for the provider and forming a resident’s society which has reached out to be inclusive of all tenants.
  • Georgia Brown - For maternal nature she brings to her home, ensuring that the other tenants are well looked after, often cooking meals for them, and welcoming new housemates.
  • Phoebe Wilson - For their proactive and helpful approach to maintenance issues and ensuring that the home is clean and tidy, even encouraging the other tenants to get involved with the housework!


Special Mention

At the discretion of the panel, this award will be given based upon exemplary circumstances.

  • Kexgill – For being shortlisted in four out of five possible awards, this is a massive achievement and highlights the all-round high standard of service you provide for students.
  • Let Pads (Dal Singh) – For a very personal nomination that recognised their efforts when a student was locked out of their home, the lengths that the provider went to were exemplary.