Sometimes student life is a lot to juggle. Headroom aims to give practical information and links to support you. You’re not on your own if you’re feeling pressured or struggling. Talking to friends, lecturers or services as soon as possible is a great first step. The SU and UCLan work together so go to someone who you are happy talking to and they will help you get to the right service, you can’t get it wrong, just start somewhere.  Staff at the SU and UCLan have supported and advised many students. These experiences help us to understand what you are going through.


If you have a diagnosed mental health condition you have the choice of informing UCLan to discuss potential extra support while you are studying. This can be done by contacting UCLan Disability Services, either by calling 01772 892593, or by emailing disability@uclan.ac.uk.


We hope you find what you need here, if you can’t, email Headroom and we'll do what we can to help.