Campaigns Officer is responsible for:-

 The effective organisation and leadership of Union campaigns concerned with the welfare, equality, health and safety of students at the university.

 Ensuring regular and active consultation with student about the issues of concern to student, the GOAL (or equivalent programme) and the BIG Vote or equivalent.

 Constantly exploring new ways of making campaigns more effective and interesting and exciting ways of involving the membership, and feeding this information to the Student Affairs Committee, marketing and commercial development departments.

 Ensuring that the University support services meet the needs of students and that there is provision of high quality information, support and advice for students.

 Ensuring that University support services reflect the needs of the diverse range of students at the University.

 Lead officer on relationships with the ‘I’ and University Student Academic and Support Services on matters relating to the general health and well being of students.

 The Union’s work in respect of sustainability and the environment.

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